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About Us
Dr Lim Lian Arn 林 联 安

Fellow, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, USA.
Medical Director and Consultant
Orthopaedic Surgeon

Alpha Joints & Orthopaedics is a specialist Orthopaedic clinic located at Gleneagles Hospital specializing in joint problems, sports injuries and limb trauma. The consultant surgeon and medical director is Dr. Lim Lian Arn.

Dr. Lim graduated in 1989 from NUS, obtained his FRCS from Glasgow in 1993 and completed his training with a fellowship in Adult Reconstruction in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester in 1998.

Adult Reconstruction is the science, practice and art of replacing end stage arthritic joints. The majority of joint replacements Dr. Lim does are primary knee replacement surgeries. Primary hip replacements, partial knee replacements and revision knee and hip replacements follow in volume. The least frequent joint replacement surgeries Dr. Lim has had to do have been shoulder and elbow replacements.

Apart from joint replacement surgery Dr. Lim also performs ligament and soft tissue surgeries for the knee and shoulder. The commonest of these are arthroscopic meniscal surgery, ACL reconstruction surgery, shoulder rotator cuff and Bankart repairs.

Dr. Lim’s career path through first a public then a private institution has forged a philosophy in patient care which is to provide the patient with informed, sound and timely options for their problems. This philosophy continues to guide him to tread cautiously with respect to new advances that sometimes may be patient and industry driven rather than evidence based.

Apart from these specialized fields of Orthopaedic surgery, Dr. Lim’s experience and training has given him a very wide and deep background in managing general Orthopaedic conditions and Orthopaedic trauma.

Alpha Joints and Orthopaedics

Our clinic name Alpha reflects new beginnings.

For Dr. Lim it reflects a new season running his own clinic and it reflects where his own beginning (1).

For his patients it promises hope of relief and restoration from their orthopaedic maladies.

We are “Joints and Orthopaedics” because joints are Dr. Lim’s specialty and ‘”first love’ and orthopaedics because he does manage all orthopaedic problems.

1. Revelations 1:8.

Why Dr. Lim Became An Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr. Lim Lian Arn decided to do orthopaedics when he was in the 3rd year of medical school. “In the first half of a crucial rugby game for my club I was hit hard in a tackle and felt my left forearm buckle. It actually didn’t hurt very much but the arm felt wobbly and made strange rattling noises. I went to the side-lines and showed it to the team doctor. He took a look, did a cursory palpation, then diagnosing a ‘sprain’ told me I was good to continue, which I did.

The arm bothered me throughout the rest of the game, but not enough to stop me from scoring in the second half with my remaining good arm. When the final whistle blew we had won the game, the excitement abated and then, the pain truly began. I drove to Alexandra Hospital, the X-ray showed a multiple fragment fracture of my left forearm and I began my journey with Orthopaedic surgery.”

That’s just one of many episodes Dr. Lim has experienced in the course of his injury strewn sports life. Stumbling through track and field, soccer, rugby, hockey, wake boarding, snowboarding, mountain trekking, mountain biking, road cycling and lately, marathon running, this Orthopaedic surgeon probably knows your pain like no other when you see him. He learned the hard way the need for helmets when mountain biking and snowboarding; he’s had concussions, torn ligaments and broken bones playing rugby.

In his most recent pursuit of marathon running knee pains made him adopt a different mid-foot running style with different running shoes. This took care of the knee pains but he began to have heel and foot pains. Two years, many kilometres and many shoes later he thinks he’s finally found the right balance.

Being an orthopaedic surgeon has helped him deal with these injuries of his own, and helps him identify with his patients’ desire to get over their orthopaedic problem and back to their activities. His sub speciality of knee reconstruction and his experience with key-hole shoulder surgery targets the most frequently occurring sports injuries we see today.